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www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

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Looking forward to the event [Oct. 7th, 2011|03:14 pm]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"


Any idea when the pre-reg site will be availible?


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Shameless Furloween Plug 2011 [Jun. 26th, 2011|08:44 am]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

Cause it's gonna rock! And it has horsies!

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HEY GUYS [Nov. 12th, 2010|04:15 pm]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

Yuchi here!
I suppose this is a photo request :)

I was wearing my boy's CIRO COYOTE suit!
If you guys have any pictures or vids of me in it that'd be great! I'd love to see :)

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Furloween Weekend Video [Nov. 6th, 2010|03:16 pm]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

Furloween weekend was most enjoyable, and I had fun recording it too. Friday evening, I spent at wildwolf4paws's house where he threw his annual Halloween party.

Saturday, I met up with convoy_dvnprt and antimon and we headed together to the Elks Lodge for Furloween, partying through to the end around 2:00 AM. Thank you mach for a fantastic night.

One thing I realized is that this is the first time I record in low light. The HD images do get a bit pixelated as the low light capabilities of the camera were pushed. Another lesson learned is I'll have to set the exposure to manual. There were a few occasions where background light made the foreground subject darker than I'd have liked. Otherwise, I was pleased with the recordings.

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Shameless Furloween Plug! [Oct. 25th, 2010|10:23 pm]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

Cause it's gonna rock! And it has otters!

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2009? [Jul. 17th, 2009|06:01 pm]
www.FloridaFurs.com Presents "Furloween"

An inquiring wolffox wants to know :) Any plans on Furloween for 2009?
I noticed Elliott's is Oct 31st this year..

I ask cause my job is taking me down to FL Oct 21st - 25th
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